Union, University & Schools Club - Omnibus

The challenge

Long-time clients, Union, University & Schools Club of Sydney (UUSC) partnered once again with Leonards Advertising in 2017. This time, the mission was to excite the 2,200 members of UUSC while informing and engaging with members of other societal clubs around the globe. Upholding their prestigious reputation through a commemorative booklet required meticulous planning, design and communication.

The solution

Leonards worked closely with Club representatives throughout the design and printing process to ensure every specification was met and any last-minute changes were implemented with ease. Our team crafted a 64-page booklet highlighting events and accomplishments from 2017. The sleek and modern design worked in tandem with traditional elements in both photography and text to attest to the Club’s history and future. Leonards’ design kept readers engaged and communicated the opportunities and achievements of the Club through this beautiful, keepsake publication.

The results

The Club’s members were highly impressed by the 2017 Omnibus project. The booklet met their goals and created a new channel of communication with members. The design process proved successful thanks to Leonards’ strengths in communication, flexibility and creativity. Similarly, the quality of the final product was undeniable with crisp, clear colours and sharp fonts. Inside and out the 2017 Omnibus booklet reflected the professionalism and skill that the Leonards team has to offer and the respect and quality demanded by the Union, University & Schools Club of Sydney.

Leonards have since completed the design for Omnibus 2018. We have also provided the InDesign expertise for the 74-page 2019 and 2020 editions of Omnibus.

So successful was this first publication
the Club released a Mini Omnibus edition later in the year

Union, University & Schools Club – Omnibus

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    November 2019



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