City of Parramatta - Media Solutions

The challenge

As Sydney expands and its population continues to grow, being able to communicate with local residents has never been more crucial for Councils. Through the help of Leonards Advertising, City of Parramatta has been able to do so in an efficient way by leveraging Leonards’ widespread media contacts.

The solution

As a preferred NSW Local Government Procurement supplier, Leonards is able to provide media solutions, at competitive rates to communicate and inform local constituents across relevant media platforms (print, radio and digital) of recent Council programs, redevelopments, recycling initiatives, etc. Leonards’ services for City of Parramatta include, Council News Pages, upcoming Tenders, Recruitment and Public Notices.

The results

By being a one-stop shop, Leonards is able to aid City of Parramatta with media booking, planning, but more importantly share City of Parramatta’s vision of becoming the place where people want to be and will continue to help spread this message across all mediums.

As a NSW Local Government Procurement supplier
Leonards is able to provide media solutions at competitive rates

City of Parramatta – Media Solutions

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    November 2019


    Advertising, strategy & research

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