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Have you heard of the marketing funnel? Marketing is more than just putting an ad in a newspaper and expecting results. The world of marketing is constantly changing and at Leonards, we are here to help you stay at the top of the marketing game. Print marketing has always been the ‘go to’ when it came to marketing. But now? Offline marketing is still important, it gives you a potential to reach a large amount of people and get them talking. However, online marketing is where businesses are needing to focus their efforts.

Online marketing is now at the top of the marketing funnel and deserves your attention and drive behind it. At Leonards, we know how important online marketing is and what it can do for your business. Digital marketing is the new norm. The quickest, easiest, and most effective way for you to gain followers, engagement, and traction for your business.

Did you know that as of July 2021, 87.8% of internet searches were through Google?

Are you utilising Google in the best way possible? Are you advertising? Optimising your content for SEO? Are your social media channels connected to your Google account? Here at Leonards, we are passionate about helping to create a successful marketing campaign for you and your business. We want to give you a chance to get your business out there, to increase your interaction and engagement with your potential parents and students and help to close the deal.

Marketing for schools is important. Let’s showcase to the local community what your school has to offer and how you can help their children to grow and succeed. We offer a range of digital packages to suit your schools needs. Whether it be an annual marketing strategy, a one-off campaign or bespoke package containing selected elements.

Leonards are your “Go-To” education marketing team. Contact us to chat with a marketing specialist today.

Digital jargon explained

Let’s breakdown some of the online lingo…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (including Google AdWords and Bing).
Best to reach a potential audience who are actively searching for a school for their child. Best to actively have always ‘live’ since you never know when a family is looking for their child’s future school. This avenue has minimum wastage since it’s a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system… only pay when someone actively clicks on your ad.

Display advertising (including Google Display Network and programmatic).
Graphically display your ad in front of your specific target audience as they browse different websites. A good way to build brand awareness with leaderboards across the top of a website (e.g. or on the side of someone reading a parenting blog.

Native advertising (including Outbrain and Taboola).
An effective method to boost your content marketing. You write an advertorial, house it on your website and then through Native advertising it appears as a sponsored article on premium websites your families visit, e.g. SMH,

Social media (including Facebook, TikTok and Instagram).
A conversational platform to engage with your audience two ways – utilise both Owned social media pages while reaching out to new target audiences through Paid advertising.


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