The Snowy Mountains - “It’s an Altitude Thing” Campaign


The primary objective of this campaign was to sell The Snowy Mountains during summer as an all-year destination – to show that there’s more to the Snowies than snow! This “It’s an Altitude Thing” campaign ran from November 2022 to April 2023 during the typically low season extended summer.

The campaign needed to span across a multi-layered, multi-channel media schedule, to capture top-of-mind awareness within broad and targeted audience segments.


The look and feel of this campaign were designed to ‘stop the scroll’ through sophisticated, and beautifully produced videos and images. This aspirational content was targeted to outdoor enthusiasts, families and groups wishing to disconnect from their WIFI and truly experience the great outdoors through the summer wonder of the Snowies. Activities such as hiking, fishing, mountain biking and water skiing, coupled with high-end accommodation offers and packages, delivered volume traffic to ‘summer experiences’ and participating operators.

All online campaign activity (except for native) directed traffic to a tailor-made landing page with specific summer experiences. This landing page contained multiple operators, each with their own dedicated information and booking page. Certain operators also chose to leverage the increased traffic, with their own solo activity through a partner program run in conjunction with the overarching campaign, which also proved to be highly successful.

The primary function of this campaign was digital, but given the outdoorsy nature of creative, more traditional advertising channels, such as metro bus backs, interior train panels, and radio, were also used.

The digital media channels included:

● Social media (Meta) advertising

○ Stage 1 – Awareness
○ Stage 2 – Conversions

● Social media – lead magnet

● Google display ads

● Google search

● YouTube

● Native


During December, the campaign experienced its peak, driving over 13K visitors to the landing page. The campaign was paused during January due to the expected buoyant Christmas holiday period. The objective changed in February from awareness to conversion, retargeting those who had previously engaged with digital ads, resulting in a steady increase in traffic which peaked again in April.

Social media advertising delivered the highest value, reaching almost 285K people, delivering over 1.1 million impressions and 31K link clicks. CPC was kept below $0.30 making the most cost effective channel for delivery across all digital output.

Display ads also saw outstanding results, delivering almost 2M impressions and over 9.3K clicks. Search rounded out the most successful platform results, securing a CTR of 9.17% (industry average 3.17%) and an overall conversion rate of 11.85%.

Overall, The Snowy Mountains ‘It’s an Altitude Thing’ campaign was highly successful in terms of reach and engagement in the market, exceeding expectations in both areas. The campaign delivered almost 40K views, and users spent approximately 1 min 31 seconds on the site, with a total of operator page views of over 5K. The campaign’s messaging and creative elements effectively resonated with the target audience, successfully communicating the beauty of summer in the Snowies.

3K visitors to the landing page
285Kpeople social media advertising reach delivering over 1.1 million impressions and 31K link clicks
Display ads delivered almost 2M impressions and over 9.3K clicks Search results securing a CTR of 9.17% and an overall conversion rate of 11.85%.

The Snowy Mountains – “It’s an Altitude Thing” Campaign

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