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March 27, 2020
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March 27, 2020 Richard T.

What an amazing industry we work in and serve! The theme of “Open for Business” in the wake of the summer bushfires was turned completely on its head with the advent of the Coronavirus. Undeterred both speakers and delegates rallied to the latest challenge with a great sense of camaraderie and shared learnings abounding.

Held this year in Jindabyne, the tourism conference shifted its focus from how to promote the readiness of destinations to welcome visitors to how to make the most of a downtime. The importance of tourism audience research, developing quality marketing assets including websites, refreshing your brand and working on marketing strategies with media plans to be ready to go to market when the coronavirus cloud lifts suddenly took centre stage.

In keeping with the current needs of the NSW tourism industry, Leonards would like to offer a complimentary two-hour workshop to help destinations formulate their post bushfire and coronavirus marketing and media strategy. This can be delivered either via teleconference facilities in the short term or on-site once the green light is given for gatherings. Please take us up on this complimentary service to support NSW destinations in the face of so many challenges.

Richard Faithorn (Commercial Director Leonards) & Jenny Aitchison (Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Member of Maitland)

The Importance of Tourism Research

The provision of robust research and analysis for the tourism industry and governments is critical. Research provides the evidence base to support tourism policy, investment, planning and marketing, and enables the industry to position itself to respond to changing market and economic conditions.

Kate Faithorn (CEO Leonards) & Todd Wright (Director, Threesides Marketing)

Developing Quality Marketing Assets Including Websites

Marketing and Online Marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Studies by analysts such as Gartner indicate that increasing numbers of consumers use social media and research on mobile Internet to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions. Internet websites marketing enables you to build relations with customers and prospects through regular, low-cost personalised communication, reflecting the move away from mass marketing.


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Geraud Montigny (Integrated Media & Marketing Director, Leonards) & Richard Faithorn (Commercial Director, Leonards)

When is the Right Time for a Brand Refresh Strategy?

Most of the time, companies prefer to opt for a simple brand refresh, rather than a complete re brand. A good brand refresh strategy requires less risk than a total overhaul, and it can still get you the results you need.

For instance, by making subtle changes to your positioning and branding, you can:

  • Preserve the integrity of your brand.
  • Infuse the business with new vitality.
  • Ensure your company image keeps up with the changing marketplace.
  • Expand your reach to new customers.

So, when is the right time for the brand refresh process?

The simple answer, is that if you’re facing one of the scenarios below, you might need a brand refresh:

  • You’re outdated
  • You’ve changed
  • You’re inconsistent
  • Your audience has changed
  • You’re growing

Richard & Kate Faithorn (Commercial Director & CEO, Leonards)

How to Plan Marketing Strategies with a Media Plan in the Centre of a Pandemic Crisis?

We all know that we should have a plan for what to do in case of an emergency. And yet, we all seem to be taken off guard when an actual emergency arises. Blame human nature, but planning ahead for a crisis is often left until there is no time to plan, and then a hurried and chaotic response may actually make matters worse rather than better.

That’s the situation many companies find themselves in with the outbreak of COVID-19 (the coronavirus). Most companies have just begun thinking about changes they need to make to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers. And with confirmed cases growing by the day, this is an issue of immediate concern.

What role should marketing and communications leaders play in the development of a response? What are the most critical actions to take now? Given the seriousness of the current situation, we’re offering our full support in terms of marketing strategies and media plan amplification.

Our hope is that we can help you quickly develop a response plan — and ideally learn something about planning for future crises in the process.

Thank you, 

Kate Faithorn
Leonards Advertising


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