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October 25, 2015
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October 25, 2015 Richard T.

2016… A time where seemingly the whole world is connected around the clock. Whether it be on our smart phone, desk top, tablet.. For social, gaming, search or shopping uses… everybody is online.

To be precise 7.7 million (86%) households across Australia have access to the internet (ABS)

Over 15 million Australians own a smartphone and 12 million owning a tablet device (Nielson)

You don’t need the stats to know how much we are increasingly relying on our smartphones;
social media, music, news, search, banking, maps, train times, weather, Pokémon Go!… it’s all in our handhelds.

The most exciting part, all these people with their heads glued to the screen…
They are completely accessible to you.

Digital is a game changer for small to medium sized businesses… Even start ups can go head to head with the global giants – Provided you know your consumer and can engage them with your product at the right time and in the right way, your virtual front is as big as any brand.

Campaigns can be geo and demographically targeted to avoid wastage and keep costs down.. And that’s just the start. Tracking, re-targeting, ad-networks, ad-exchanges, ad-words… A load of jargon BUT, these comprehensive systems choose the very best environment for your message

Social Media
An opportunity to engage and interact with your audience in a friendly non-commercial way. Sharing images and videos, can quickly increase brand trust and interaction.
More than 3 in 5 Australians* will watch a video online to aid their buying decision.  * Neilson Online 23.08.2016

Return on investment
If you’re a numbers facts and figures person, digital will not let you down – minute by minute reporting is available if that’s what you want.. Reach, impressions, click thru rates, peak times, keywords etc.
This type of intelligence is invaluable, and can be used instantly to improve your campaign strategy.

The benefits are endless – with digital evolving every day, and audiences increasing every day,
it’s important to get your online presence right and grow with it

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