The Challenge

Seeking help in March of 2018, Tenterfield Shire Council reached out to Leonards Advertising. Knowing our successful track record, the Council requested assistance in overcoming negative social media interactions that ultimately resulted in the removal of their accounts. Realising the necessity and benefits of social media for an open dialogue with local residents and visitors alike, Tenterfield turned to Leonards.

The Solution

Leonards assembled a team of social media superstars to conduct a full-day social media workshop. This participant-heavy workshop highlighted the growing presence of social media, the varying platforms on which it exists and the positive content that Tenterfield Shire Council can produce all with specifications to different target markets in the community. Leonards took great care in demonstrating how to identify a target market, establish the right privacy and control settings and develop rebuttals to negative comments/internet trolls with grace.

The Results

As a result of the forum, a varying array of individuals, some for and others against social media, walked away with a finely tuned understanding of their target markets and social media activities. Leonards laid the groundwork for resourcing, planning and implementing a social media strategy – our specialty.


Strategy & Research

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