Golden Chain

Golden Chain

The Challenge

Following a successful engagement with the client for the provision of advertising and marketing services, Golden Chain requested Leonards provide a quote and technical specifications for the replacement of their intranet and website. Golden Chain is a national business cooperative. It is the largest motel chain in Australia with off-shore members as well.

There were several issues involved in addressing the needs of the client. Much of the problem resolution stemmed from a lack of maintenance of existing solutions, high staff and executive turnover resulting in loss of process and procedure, limited use of systems, limited integration of systems and lack of strength in the systems used.

Much of these issues had resulted in the need for the service review being delayed for several years and exacerbated by a “false start” resulting from a supplier failing to deliver a previously planned solution.

A final challenge was that the resultant solution was to be integrated with a third party provided e-commerce booking engine and digitised competition entry  portal.

The Solution

Leonards undertook a review of all systems and associated requirements as well as addressing some additional initiatives presented as desirable and additional system solutions. The recommendation and quoted solution was the implementation of Leonards Live acting as the member database management solution with an integrated consumer facing website and bespoke content management solution for the Accommodation Guide.

The Event Management Module was to be integrated along with the Profile, Email and Campaign Modules. Golden Chain placed a specific request for a content management module for their annual printed accommodation guide which became a priority item.

The Results

The bespoke content management solution was made a priority due to time constraints and deadlines for Golden Chain’s annual guide. In November 2017 Leonards delivered Golden Chain’s first online digital content management solution reducing staff manhours by an estimated 480 manhours. The solution also provided for an integrated communication tracking and approval process which enabled Golden Chain to see who, when and if guide details had been checked and approved. This removed any issues for Golden Chain administration staff in addressing listing errors in the guide.

In March 2018, the digital competition entry platform was introduced reducing demand manhours by approximately 10 manhours per week and increasing entries by 30%.

In March 2018 the completed system was available for integration and launch. The project was delayed for live launch pending finalisation of the third-party e-commerce solution.

In July 2018, Golden Chain went live with the Event Management module of Leonards Live to manage their annual conference. A successful rollout allowed the discontinuation of a third party provided EDM solution as well as integrated tracking of member participation in the event. The solution is estimated to save Golden Chain approximately 500 manhours in event planning, reporting and delegate tracking.

In August 2018 the e-commerce solution was finalised along with separate issues resulting from the separating from the previous service provider.

The end solution provided Golden Chain with a single integrated SAAS solution:

  • Removing the need for a separate non-integrated EDM facility and replacing it with an integrated service
  • Providing an integrated digital content management solution for hard copy publication
  • Providing an integrated event management solution
  • Providing an integrated digital competition module
  • Total reduction in manhours by approximately 1000 per annum
  • Replacing the old haphazard intranet with a new stylish and intuitive fully integrated solution for managing the membership.

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