City of Sydney

City of Sydney

The Challenge

In 2016, City of Sydney came to Leonards with a question: How can we identify and engage with local business owners? With several thousand businesses to connect to, City of Sydney wanted to communicate directly and personally to convey the importance of the services, grants and events that are available. Broadcasting resources across a varied audience is something that proves difficult.

The Solution

Focusing on the goals of communication, connecting the community and the dissemination of information, Leonards began formulating a marketing plan peronalised to City of Sydney.

A personalised email database of businesses in the City of Sydney LGA was used to identify as many business owners as possible, and a series of emails was sent to each contact with a clear and strong call to action. All responders were directed to a personalised microsite where they were incentivised to profile themselves for their industry, size of business and areas of interest for future communication with City of Sydney.

The Results

A 9% subscription rate was achieved, which far exceeded expectations. Each respondent was educated about the unique opportunities, grants and services that City of Sydney had to offer. This was an astonishing improvement from the previous attempt by a 3rd party which saw only two total responses. Leonards successfully built a profiled database of hundreds of local businesses for City of Sydney to continue to communicate with into the future.



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