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New Reports

6 December 2018

“Applicant Source Report – Shortlisted Only” – a filtered version of the “Applicant Source Report” allowing you to quickly view where the better quality applicants are being sourced from. Requested by Waverly Council.   “EEO Identified Report – Successful Applicants” – facilitates full reporting on…

Email Template System

In response to requests from Goulburn Mulwaree Council we have updated the email template functionality to improve the overall look of standard emails and add to the branding benefit of your engagement with applicants. The updated email templates are applied to all emails through the…

Job Summary Home Page – Increased detail

The Job Summary Home page now includes additional details for open and close dates as well as number of applicants for each position. This facility applies to Approved Items and can be viewed from the eziJob Home page and by selecting “Approved Items”. Return to…

Interview Results Report

Unsuccessful Applicants Now Included In The Printable Report- unsuccessful applicants are now detailed on the printable PDF version of this report – previously it was only on the screen report. This will make this report more widely informative and useful in assessing quality versus volume…

EEO Management

Human Resources can view EEO outcomes – “Allow HR To View EEO Answers” set “Yes” or “No” based on policy. HR will, with appropraite settings and processes, be better able to manage and report on their EEO programs. Settings for this feature are found at:…

Applicant Notices

Bulk Notices to Unsuccessful Applicants are now available through the Recruitment Process Summary page – In the Job “Recruiting” overview screen, unsuccessful applicants section; a “Select All” button has been added allowing bulk notices via email to save time and effort. Renotifications still require individual…

Selection Committee Structure

Update Effect: Where users have enabled the “Committee Declaration Form Option” in eziJob Setup, the feature: Requires Selection Committee members to complete the Committee Declaration Form as a separate option to the component forms list Facilitates completion directly from the Selection Committee Structure table (see…

Selection Committee Membership

Update Effect: Addition of “Observer” as a formal role in the Selection Committee. “Selection Committee Membership” page has had a substantial reformat. Action Required: The new “Selection Committee Membership” page (see sample below) requires members to be applied in specific roles; Convener, Member or Observer….

Conflict of Interest

“Referee’s Relationship With Applicant” – this field has now been added to the application form to facilitate further qualification. This feature will add to a more robust and process for users and incease internal transparency for recruiters. Return to Newsletter

eziJob Support Desk

29 November 2018

Leonards is pleased to advise the establishment of a dedicated support desk for our e-Recruitment management solution – EziJob. Along with a raft of recent updates to the eziJob system and an substantial upgrade on the way, Leonards are increasing resources and investment into eziJob…

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