From Media Mayhem to Communication Clarity

From Media Mayhem to Communication Clarity

From time immemorial we have stood in the face of change. Without change there wouldn’t be a wheel. Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs would not be household names today without embracing change. Change is inevitable. How one communicates and manages the transition through change, is the key to success.

We are so busy in our everyday lives – at work, of an evening, on the weekend
– we can even forget the simplest of communications – good morning, good day, good afternoon, good evening, hello and how are you.

The way we communicate today as organisations, as communities, as individuals – globally through to locally – reflects a fundamental part of who we are as human beings, and that determines who we are as an organisation.

Existentialism describes us as ‘meaning making creatures’ – that is, we give meaning to what we do. Within today’s fast paced, ever changing world of communication, by the time we’ve made meaning of the latest trending in social or digital media, it has changed. For instance, did you know that a Hacker is no longer the bad-guy? But a little more on that later.

Our own personal online and social media experiences NOW directly influence how we communicate our business advertising and marketing message. They have an unequivocal correlation to the way you approach your next communication campaign, your upcoming event, product or destination launch.

It’s no wonder then, when it comes to grappling with the perplexity of today’s media communication platforms, our decisions are fraught with chaos and confusion.

Leonards’ Multi-Channel Communication Hub

We listen to create
We create to communicate
We communicate to give meaning

To help explain what needs to be considered in developing a campaign strategy, Leonards has developed the Multi-channel Communication Hub diagram above.

Media mayhem becomes contained; direction is delineated and solutions are created and communicated through conversation, planning and strategy.

I look forward to listening and assisting you in creating communication that gives meaning. Our best work is your next brief.

With nearly 20 years in key account service roles within the advertising industry, Sue Fanning brings extensive experience and has contributed substantially to
the growth and maintenance of Leonards’ regional and metropolitan Council client base. Sue has been instrumental in lifting industry brand across the NSW sector, with in-depth analysis and expertise of client branding in the marketplace. She partners with her clients to develop unique and creative concepts to build greater awareness and, ultimately, improved brand performance
for clients.

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