Author: Richard Thomson

29 November 2018 eziJob Support Desk

Leonards is pleased to advise the establishment of a dedicated support desk for our e-Recruitment management solution - EziJob. Along with a raft of recent updates to the eziJob system and an substantial upgrade on the way, Leonards are increasing resources and investment into eziJob with

20 September 2018 Your Education Advertising Agency

If you would like to have a chat about your school’s advertising and how Leonards can work with you, contact us via email or call +61 2 9698 5266.

9 March 2017 Digital Recruitment: A Masterpiece or a Mess?

It’s clear that recruitment is becoming like the advertisement scene for STAINMASTER® carpet with Pro Hart’s dear old cleaner. Of course, while Pro Hart saw a masterpiece, the cleaner saw a mess! Technological disruptions are now the paint and brush that some see as a

25 October 2016 Let’s Get Digital – The Benefits of Going Digital

2016… A time where seemingly the whole world is connected around the clock. Whether it be on our smart phone, desk top, tablet.. For social, gaming, search or shopping uses… everybody is online. To be precise 7.7 million (86%) households across Australia have access to the internet (ABS) Over 15

15 July 2016 How to avoid social [media] awkwardness

There is no escaping the juggernaut that is social media. The number of platforms increase daily in addition to the ways it can be used. This creates exciting opportunities to engage with the community and to get an immediate sense of what people care about. However,

17 May 2016 Helping Councils through the Merger Process

A preferred supplier for over 12 years to NSW Local Government, Leonards is strongly committed to helping Local Councils quickly respond to producing new merged entity communications. No tender process is required to access our services. The Leonards team is on standby to assist with any

4 March 2016 Merging Past and Future Expectations

Leonards Director Client Service, Sue Fanning, talks with Stephen Blackadder, Managing Director Blackadder Associates, regarding current merger proposals for Local Government, and their implications.

4 March 2016 What the new LGP Contract means for Councils

Leonards CEO, Kate Faithorn, talks about our new “Local Government Procurement Approved Contractor” status, and what it means for Councils in terms of available services.

21 December 2015 What is Integrated Marketing?

Leonards Digital Strategist, Melissa Guajardo talks about integrated marketing and the effect it has on your audience

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