2021 Resonate Report

Identifying and developing leaders while building a culture of teamwork starts with effective recruitment practices. This HRhub project is targeted at helping you improve your recruitment outcomes and commend their work to you.

Download and view either the full report, the precis or for further detail, each individual report.

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021.

Council Recruitment 2021 – Trends and Insights.

The Australian Council recruitment sector has endured unprecedented stress & evolution over the past three years. Not only due to the 2019 summer bushfires or the 2020 pandemic response, there have been numerous other factors coming together to make council recruitment even tougher.

Download Full Report: Council Recruitment 2021 – Trends and Insights (pdf)

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021.

Report Precis.

A quick overview of the four reports by Tavener, CocilJobs, Blackadder Associates and Leonards Advertising.

Download: HRHub Resonate Precis (pdf)

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021.

HR Leaders Survey 2021 by Taverner Research.

Taverner Research are market-leaders in local government research. HRhub (a collaboration of CouncilJobs, Blackadder Associates and Leonards Advertising) commissioned Taverner Research to conduct a short online survey of Australian Council HR professionals.

Download: HR Leaders Survey 2021 (pdf)

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021

Recruitment market dynamics 2021 by CouncilJobs

A common theme of this whole report could be summarised in one phrase – Change is upon us all. Everyone copes with change differently; some are daunted, some are blas and some are stimulated by it. This report is designed to help you understand the scale of change in the sector you are working in.

Download: Recruitment market dynamics 2021 (pdf)

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021

Outsourced executive recruitment by Blackadder

Blackadder Associates are specialists in local government, providing a broad range of general consultancy services to Councils across Australia. Due to our extensive local government recruiting experience we have been invited to make comments on the current situation with recruitment in local government.

Download: Outsourced executive recruitment (pdf)

HRhub Resonate Report, May 2021.

Advertising and communications by Leonards

Recruiting has experienced its most rapid evolution in the last 5-10 years and by far the greatest impact has been felt since John Fairfax said in 1841 “I wonder if a recruitment section would work”.

Download: Advertising and communications (pdf)

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